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CGAA Prepares for Return to Gaelic Games

The CGAA released to affiliated Clubs the Return to Gaelic Games Guidelines /Retour aux sports gaéliques that contains 5 phases. Phase 1 began June 21st,,2020.

The Guide was updated June 30, 2021 – refer to the most recent versions:

English: 2.0_CGAA_Return to Gaelic Games_Guidelines_EN_Updated 2021_June 30
Français: 2.0_CGAA_Return to Gaelic Games_Guidelines_FR_Updated_2021_Juin 30

CGAA members’ health and safety have been the primary focus through the compilation of CGAA Return to Gaelic Games Guidelines. The guidelines contain recommendations and protocols that will facilitate the mitigation of risk related to COVID-19 transmission. Clubs received the guidelines on Monday, June 22, 2020 and have been encouraged to distribute the guidelines widely among their members. CGAA wants members to understand the personal responsibilities that they each individual has should they chose to return to Gaelic Games activities.

A Working Group comprised of members from all provinces in which there are CGAA affiliated clubs was assembled to provide input and contribute to the development  of the guidelines. Additionally, members of Peer Review, Communications and Translation groups have been key in producing these CGAA Return to Gaelic Games Guidelines. The CGAA Executive Committee would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of those who contributed and who gave freely of their time to assist with planning for a return to Gaelic games activities. It has been a fantastic collaborative effort from our members coast to coast. The Working Group will continue to monitor the situation in each of the provinces and where necessary, the guidelines will be updated and revised to reflect changes in public health protocols and guidelines.

The CGAA has recommended that club executive committees meet to review the guidelines and lay out a clear plan ahead for their club that will facilitate the safe return to Gaelic games for all their members (i.e., coaches, players, executive committees, COVID Safety Supervisors etc.). And further to communicate the plan to all members.

CGAA will also host an all Club webinar for executive committee members to communicate key messages in the Return to Gaelic Games Guidelines to all clubs and to answer questions relating to the guidelines. The Return to Gaelic Games Guidelines 1 hour webinar is scheduled for June 27th at 10 am Pacific Time/1 pm Eastern Time. Additional details of the webinar will be provided to clubs and on CGAA social media platforms.

The following resources have been provided to Clubs:

  • CGAA Return to Gaelic Games Guidelines – English and French versions (updated June 30, 2021)
  • Infographics: 1) Clubs and 2) Coaches/Players – English and French versions
  • Newly updated CGAA Waiver Form- Adult and Youth versions in English and French available for download in this folder
  • CGAA self administered Health Assessment and Declaration Form – English and French versions

There are a few key points to note:

Prior to returning to Gaelic Games activities ALL MEMBERS MUST sign:

  1. updated CGAA Waiver Form (links above) prior to commencing Gaelic Games Training, this is the responsibility of each individual club to ensure that this has been executed upon.
  2. Health Assessment and Declaration Form (links above)
  3. Members are encouraged to review the full guidelines (links above), a summary of the key responsibilities for Clubs, Coaches, Referees and Players are outlined in the Infographics (links below)

We look forward to working through these phases together and hope that someday in the near future we can fully get back to enjoying the sport and games we all know and love.


Key Guidelines for a safe return:

  1. Appoint COVID-19 Safety Supervisor(s)

This person will be present at all training and games as the Clubs progress through to this phase. The key aspects of this role is to:

  • Be familiar with the CGAA Return to Gaelic Games Guidelines
  • Complete the COVID-19 Programme training
  • Ensure Personal Health Assessment & Declaration forms have been completed by ALL MEMBERS. (English / French)
  • Sanitize all equipment and facilities before & after training session
  • Report to the Club Chairperson regularly

2. Coach/Referees Responsibility

  • Liaise with COVID-19 Supervisor, if not acting in this position
  • Ensure all activities align with safety guidelines & reinforce COVID-19 protocols with all members
  • Complete Gaelic Games Personal Health Assessment & Declaration prior to first training
  • Complete the COVID-19 Programme training

3. Players / Participants Responsibility

  • Maintain provinces physical distancing regulations & train in small groups of up to ten (10) unless otherwise stated by the provincial government
  • Training sessions should focus on skill development, drills and strength & conditioning with non-contact activities and fitness.
  • All players must bring their own hand sanitizer, apply before and after training as well as scheduled breaks.
  • No spitting and mouth guards are to be kept in for the duration of training.
  • Players are required to bring their own water bottle (labelled) and their own equipment. All equipment must be brought away and washed by the individual.
  • Players should arrive no more than 10 minutes before training and leave no later than 10 minutes after Club activities have been completed.
  • All players are required to Check In and confirm attendance with the COVID-19 Safety Supervisor and ensure updated waiver & Personal Health Assessment Form have been completed prior to first training.
  • Players are required to complete the COVID-19 Programme training




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