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GAA Governance Guide

The GAA Governance Guide sets out the system of rules, practice and processes by which the Association operates. All members and officers should review, understand and follow the guide.


Governance is the system of rules, practices and processes by which the Association and all of its Units are directed and controlled. Our rules are defined in the GAA Official Guide and the process for updating and amending those rules is well established and understood.

This GAA Governance Guide will not address the rules of the Association. Instead it will focus on the standards that we should strive to achieve in our practices and our processes in order to ensure that we continuously live by, and observe, our core principles.

It is intended that this Guide will help our units to perform to the highest standards and to offer confidence and re- assurance to all who are involved in our units and who deal with them. This Guide sets our standards to be achieved under the five main principles of Governance:

  1. leading
  2. controlling
  3. being accountable
  4. working effectively
  5. behaving with integrity

This document is not a management or operating Guide.

It should however be considered in the context of the various operating guides published by the Association, some of which are included as appendices for information.


The Guide applies to all Units of the Association and to all its members, volunteers, officials, and employees who are charged with administration at national, provincial, county or club level.

Each Unit is expected to formally adopt this code, and to observe it in all regards. Units who do not do so will be required to record and rationalize their position.

This Guide augments and does not replace any of the provisions of the Code of Conduct (Adult), which sets out appropriate behaviours and practices for Officers and Members of the Association.