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Disciplinary Process

The GAA Disciplinary Handbook sets out the processes and procedures for disciplinary action. The Disciplinary procedures are set out in the GAA Official Guide Part 1 and should be viewed in relation to the Code of Behaviour (Adult) and Code of Behaviour (Underage).

There are two types of cases where disciplinary action may be required:

1. Issues related to games or competitions, for example:
  • On-field discipline
  • Issues in vicinity of field of play before, during or after a game
  • Items mentioned in Referees Report
  • Team legality
2. Issues not directly related to games or competitions, for example:
  • Information that comes to the County Board/Management Committee’s attention:
    • Ineligible players
    • Misconduct of a member or officer


Disciplinary Process (taken from p. 27 of the GAA Disciplinary Handbook):

If the defending party does not accept the Decision and/or Penalty imposed, an appeal may be submitted to the Appeal Committee on payment of a $100 fee (refundable if appeal is successful).