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All the information you need to know for training drills and coaching techniques to help get your club to the top!
If you don’t know the rules you don’t know the game! Take the time to study in-depth the rules applied, they can and do change so make sure to keep informed!
Official documents keep things…well, offical! You will find you need these for tournaments in GAA and LGFA, guidelines and even the dreaded disciplinary handbook are available here.
New Club Formation. its easy enough to have an idea to form a club. Its totally another to put it into practice! Here’s how.
What your GAA club should look like once it has been formed and the roles people play.
Once you form the club you can register it here for inclusion in the local leagues and on this website, helping visitors find out more about you and growing your community!
Thinking of becoming a referee or need one or two for your tournaments? This is the place!
Thinking of moving to Canada, for information on visa’s employment etc., click here!
Returning home, or interested in moving to Ireland, all the information you need is available here!