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Committee Structure

Canadian Gaelic Athletic Association

Every registered Club can and is represented and has a say in the unique structure that epitomizes Gaelic Games and the volunteer structure it promotes.

The County Committee

The County unit is the most commonly recognized sub section of the GAA, Counties are represented by a County committee who oversees the general activity of their County areas.

Meets once per year at Annual Convention (normally in Toronto, Ontario). All clubs are invited to send delegates and they vote on motions and elect an Executive Committee.

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There is an extensive range of roles in the setup, running and management of the Canadian Gaelic Athletic Association.

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The Management Committee (M.C)

The Management Committee consists of 12 Members, which include six (6) CGAA Officers, and two (2) named delegates from each Division appointed by the Canadian GAA the management committee meets when required, primarily to discuss County matters of relevance, and other matters arising from within the Divisions

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The Divisional Committee

The Canadian Gaelic Athletic Association has divided their county into three (3) sub sections to assist with the organisation and administration of their affairs including Club competitions.  These include the Toronto, Western and Eastern Division.

Each of the Divisions are administered by a committee elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Division; Divisional committees are Sub-committees of the County committee

Each of the Divisional committees draft regulations to govern their own jurisdiction and operations,  regulations comply with the provisions of Rule 3.19 (1) and are subject to the approval of the Canadian County Committee, draft regulations are submitted by the Divisional committees to the Canadian County committee for review and approval prior to January 1st annually.

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The Competitions Control Committee (CCC)

The Canadian Gaelic Athletic Association appoints Competitions Control Committees, in each Division within its jurisdiction,  the Committees consist of a Chairperson,  and four other members, suitable personnel (all of whom shall be named) together with the Divisional Referees’ Administrator (who shall vote only on the appointment of Referees).

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