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JustGo Member Registration Resources

CGAA is continuing to use JustGo (formerly called GoMembership) as its sole membership registration system. Here are some resources members can use to get registered, and to get your club members registered.

While some resources list the former name of the system, all of the functionalities remain the same, and the link to access the CGAA’s site remains active. 

Training Webinar Resources:

  1. JustGo Webinar Slides
  2. Recording of Webinar 1

Users Guides and additional Resources for members and Club Admins:

  1. Sample text for Registration page or blog post on a Club website, or an email to members (some editing required to customize with Club email address and membership pricing) JustGo Member registration_Sample Text for Club website
  2. User guide to send out to existing and new members JustGo Membership Instructions (see video guide below)
  3. User guide for Youth registration and creating a Family group JustGo_Youth and Family Account Creation_User Guide_2024
  4. Guide for Club Admins for the forms that must be completed by members on via Club created MS Forms (Concussion Code of Conduct/Waiver), includes the links to the Form template to be duplicated by each club CGAA Concussion Code of Conduct Waiver_Form upload JustGo_2024
  5. Guide for Club Admins to adjust settings so members can download completed submission from MS Forms for Concussion Code of Conduct/Waiver (see video below) CGAA Concussion Code of Conduct Waiver_Form upload JustGo_2024
  6. JustGo User Guides for:
    1. How to Edit Personal Details on your profile EditPersonalDetails
    2. How to purchase a Member Licence (this is the second step in completing your registration, this is also the step where you accept the Waiver (and Media Release for Youth) Buyalicence See video below.
    3. How to add a Credential (ie. Police Records Check, First Aid certificate). Follow the same steps to add a Qualification (ie. Coach or Referee certifications) Newcredential

Training Videos:

For Member: How to purchase a Member Licence (note: it takes less than 2 minutes to complete!)


For Member: How to download form submissions and upload to “Credentials” in your profile


For Member: How to upload Qualifications and Credentials on JustGo

For Club Admin: How to adjust form settings, download submissions by members and upload to “Credentials” on a member profile