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CGAA Field Policy




The following is expected of all players and spectators

1. Treat all fields and property with respect.
2. Players, you are responsible for your own personal equipment that you bring to a field, store it in an orderly fashion away from the sidelines.
3. Players, for health and safety reasons, and out of respect for the teams competing on the field, do not “Practice or Warm Up” either behind the goal posts or along the sidelines
4. Spectators must keep to designated spectator areas, along opposite sidelines and away from players/coaches.
5. Garbage on the fields: Players and spectators, you are responsible for disposing of all your garbage, water bottles, etc. in garbage cans.
6. Leave all fields cleaner than you found them.
7. Teams leaving garbage behind for others to clean up may be subject to discipline.

Please do your part to keep our parks and fields beautiful;