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There is a wide range of responsibilities required to manage, maintain and develop Gaelic Games in Canada.  As such the roles involved are both varied and diverse in required skills but all require dedication and commitment.

All Officers are expended/entitled to;

  1. Attend and contribute to scheduled committee meetings. As covered by regulation 3.18 (d) A member absent, without just cause, from three consecutive meetings shall automatically become disqualified from membership of the Committee for that year. This shall also apply to all members of Sub-Committees.
  2. Respond to meeting invitations as soon as possible and notify the Chairperson or other person if you have to cancel at short notice.
  3. Respond to electronic communications within 48 hours.
  4. Volunteer for their fair share of tasks that may arise that do not fall within any other officer’s responsibilities.
  5. Vote on any issue that needs to be decided by the County or subcommittee in which they are a member.
  6. Always keep the interests of the Canadian Gaelic Athletic Association foremost. We are not on committees to represent our clubs or regions or any other personal interests.
  7. Not divulge any sensitive information that may be of concern to the County Committee.