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gaa-rounders-300x200The pitcher stands facing home base and delivers the ball underarm to the batter. The batter must strike the sliotar in a forward direction and into the field of play. Once the batter hits the ball he/she may run to first base. The fielding team attempt to gain possession of the ball and throw it to the base minder at first base or another base if there is a runner proceeding.

A batter is out if he/she fails to strike a third good ball, he/she strikes the last good ball into foul ground, he/she strikes a good ball but is caught by a fielder, or his or her base is tagged before he/she arrives at the base.

The aim of the game is for the batting side to score as many runs (a run is when a batter has proceeded through all 3 bases before touching home base) before the fielding team put three players out.

There are twenty-five metres between each base and a total of 100m for a home run.

The Offical Rules of GAA rounders