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Spotlight on the CGAA Executive and Management Committee – Ronan Donaghy

This is the next instalment of a series that will introduce the CGAA County Executive and Management Committee members, and shine some well-deserved light on the breadth and depth of experience that is working to support Gaelic Games across the country. Over the next few weeks, we plan to highlight more of the Executive and Management Committee members.

Name: Rónán MacDonnchaidh (Ronan Donaghy) 

Position on Executive Committee/Management Committee: Development Officer 

Since: December 2020 

 Home Club(s)* 

  • Calgary Chieftains (since May 2019) 
  • Loch Mhic Ruairí Naomh Treasa (Loughmacrory, Co. Tyrone)  (since 2006)

Notable Achievements: 

  • Five youth championship medals (U-13 through to U-16) 
  • Scored 3-1 against Owen Rose in the Tyrone Reserve League (some might say this isn’t a huge achievement but I would argue that the positive impact from this is still being felt in Loughmacrory) 
  • Foundation Level Coach – Coaching Calgary Chieftains Og since 2019 
  • Qualified Referee 

GAA Leadership Experience:  

  • Chairperson of Calgary Chieftains 2020

Where did you grow up? When did you move to Canada? 

I grew up in the lovely village of Loughmacrory (God’s country). Moved to Canada in April 2019 and have never looked back. 

Professional Background: 

Sales, Customer Service, Fully qualified talker 

Ronan with the Calgary Chieftains.


Customer Service & Sales Associate 

Other Tidbits You’d Like to Share: 

  • Arguably GAA’s best moment – 2003 All-Ireland Final. First & only All-Ireland contested by 2 northern teams and the best came out top. Peter Canavan delivering a spine-tingling speech which inspired the next generation of Tyrone football.  
  • 2008 All-Ireland Final – Again Tyrone coming out on top, this was the first All-Ireland I was in attendance – can’t beat the feeling on being there when the final whistle goes and you’re on the winning side. Have been all an All-Ireland where Tyrone has been on the losing side and it’s easy to know which I preferred!  
  • 2018 All-Ireland Hurling Final – the pure emotion at the final whistle, Limerick winning their first All-Ireland title in 45 years. Any non-Irish that are interested in getting involved in the GAA, I show the last 10 minutes of this All-Ireland, to show what the sport and this organization means. 
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