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Club: Toronto Michael Davitts GAC

Town: Toronto

Area: Ontario

Established: 2023

Toronto Michael Davitts is new club formed in the Greater Toronto Area in particular the west end of the city. We have put together a fun and rewarding co-ed program for children between the ages 4 to 16 to learn both GAA football & hurling/camogie.
The Season Program Schedule & Events
* Indoor – March to May
* Outdoor – June to Selptember
Summertime Cul Camp
* this is a 1 week all day fun camp run alongside with our friends in the Chieftains to help teach and improve the finer skills of the GAA that are needed to excel at both football and hurling/camogie.
Games & Tournaments
* games against our neighboring club Toronto Chieftains
* Great Lakes Leage/Tournaments in Detroit, Cleveland and Toronto.
* O’Niell’s Continental YouTube Championship. It is the largest youth GAA championship outside of Ireland and it incorporates teams throughout North America from USGAA, New York and the Canadian GAA.
At Michael Davitts GAC we are a club that prides ourselves offering a fun and competitive atmosphere, where inclusion is key. We encourage all family members to get involved with the club in some way or another. We want all involved to be part of our success.

Honour Roll:

Toronto, ON, Canada

Club Codes:

  • Youth Gaelic Football
  • Youth Hurling/Camogie

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