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Club: Durham Robert Emmets Gaelic Football Club

Town: Durham Region

Area: Ontario

Established: 1990

Durham Robert Emmets a proud member of the Toronto Gaelic Athletic Association, with a long history of success and championships.

The club currently trains in Toronto, but is proud of its Durham roots and community. Durham Region, which includes Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa and more, is found east of Toronto and is the founding home of the Durham Robert Emmets G.F.C.

With both a mens and ladies team, members of Durham have the opportunity to play sport, meet new people and network in both a personal and professional capacity.

Club members enjoy an active sporting and social calendar throughout the year.

Competitive games are run by the Toronto Gaelic Athletic Association with a season the runs from May to mid-September, all games being held over weekends at Centennial Park, Etobicoke.

New members and players are always welcome. Contact us via Facebook or email (secretary.durhamrobertemmets.ca@gaa.ie or info@durhamgfc.com) for more information.

Honour Roll:

Toronto Men’s Football Champion
2015 Durham
2005 Durham
1993 Durham

Men’s Football League Winner
2009 Durham
2008 Durham
2007 Durham
2003 Durham
1993 Durham

Toronto Ladies’ Football Champion Ladies’ Football League Winner
2014 Durham 2013 Durham
2013 Durham 2012 Durham
2011 Durham 2015 Durham
2007 Durham 2016 Durham
1998 Durham 1999 Durham
1997 Durham 1998 Durham

Owen Nolan Sr. Tournament Men’s
1996 Durham
1993 Durham

Denis Leyne Memorial Tourna
1997 Durham

2007 Durham
2002 Durham
2001 Durham
1996 Durham

ON, Canada

Club Codes:

  • Mens' Gaelic Football
  • Ladies' Gaelic Football

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