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Club: Halifax Gaels

Town: Halifax

Area: Nova Scotia

Established: 2012

The Halifax Gaels were formed in 2012 to play and promote Gaelic Games in Halifax and within the wider region of Nova Scotia. Initially focusing on mens football and hurling, the club now also has an active womens football team. As the only GAA club in Nova Scotia competitive games and tournaments usually involve travelling. The Halifax Gaels have been a regular presence at the May tournament hosted by the Montreal Shamrocks, and since the formation of the Eastern Canada GAA board the Halifax Gaels have participated in all three Eastern Canada Championships, winning the mens hurling championship three times, and the mens football championship once. Halifax were proud to successfully host the Championships in 2015.

Since its beginnings the small but dedicated club has successfully laid foundations for what will hopefully be a long-running sporting and cultural organisation in Nova Scotia. This success has been helped in no small part by generous funding and sponsorship from various businesses and not-for-profit community groups within Halifax. While the player based in composed significantly of Irish immigrants, an increased interest from people already residing in the Halifax region means that the future is promising for the Halifax Gaels and there is optimism that the club will continue to grow and flourish over the coming years.

Honour Roll:

Eastern division hurling champions
2014 2015 2016
Eastern division football champions

NS, Canada

Club Codes:

  • Mens' Gaelic Football
  • Ladies' Gaelic Football
  • Hurling

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