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Certificate of Insurance Application

Canada GAA
Hereinafter Referred to as the CGAA

  • Do NOT submit a request for a Certificates of Insurance directly to the CGAA Insurance
  • Requests for Certificates of Insurance must be submitted using this online form provided by the
    CGAA, completed applications will be submitted directly to the CGAA.
  • Facilities and Institutions must NOT be named as an Additional Insured on CGAA
    Certificates of Insurance, unless there is a specific request from the Facility or Institution
    to do so.
  • It IS mandatory to attach the signed copy of the application and rental contract between the applicant and the Facility or Institution, with this Certificate of Insurance Application.
  • The CGAA Liability Insurance Policy does NOT provide coverage for Liquor Liability,

Divisional & Club Fundraising & Special Events.
The CGAA reserves the right to sanction all Divisional and Club Fundraising and Special
Events (EG. Race Nights, Parent information nights ETC)

Special Event Liability Insurance
Special events Liability Insurance coverage can be provided by the CGAA Insurance
Broker in Ontario, or through Pal Insurance Agency Limited (PAL) located at:1052 Yonge St, Toronto, ON. M4W 2L1
Telephone number (416) 969-9996 www.palcanada.com/en/special-events-liability

The CGAA requires to be named as an additional insured on all special event insurance certificates.