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2023 Registration is open


A new year of GAA across the country is kicking off and that means one thing, registration is open!

JustG0 is open as of January 1 and is super simple to use! Fees for 2023 are the same as 2022 and are payable upon setting up your account. Got  questions on  how  to  use  it?  Let  us  answer them for you!

  • Am I required to register with Canada GAA and with my Club?
    • No, the membership information provided when purchasing a Member License is accessible to both Canada GAA and your Club.
  • Is there a cost associated with the purchase of a Member License?
    • Yes, the common approach with sporting organizations is to collect fees directly from members, an individual member-based insurance allocation is payable at time of Member License purchase
  • How much is the Insurance Allocation in 2022?
    • Adult participant (19 years of age and over) including Players, Coaches, and Match Officials: $25.00
    • Child and Youth participants (Under 19 years of age) $10.00
    • Non-participant Adult (19 years of age and over) $15.00
  • Should I register on JustGo to participate in Co-Ed recreational Football and Camogie
    • Yes

Important dates to note:

March 31- Transfer deadline

July 1- Sanction deadline


Still got questions? Send us an email and we will help you out!


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